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Aces of the Galaxy
Developer(s) Artech Studios
Publisher(s) Sierra Online
Release Date(s) NA June 4, 2008
Genre(s) Rail shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Co-op(X360 only)
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone
Platform(s) Xbox 360 (XBLA), PC

Aces of the Galaxy is a downloadable rail shooter, developed by Artech Studios and published by Sierra Online for Xbox Live Arcade.[1] The game was released on June 4, 2008 for 800 Microsoft Points.[1]


Review scores
Publication Score B-
Eurogamer 6/10
IGN 8.4/10[2]
Official Xbox Magazine 8/10[3]
TeamXbox 8/10
Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
Game Rankings 77[5]
Metacritic 78[4]

IGN awarded Aces an 8.4 of 10, stating, "Aces of the Galaxy is a solid, well-balanced space shooter."[2] Official Xbox Magazine said the game was "So mindlessly enjoyable that you'll soar right past [its] flaws."[3]

Aces of the Galaxy

Gameplay screenshot.


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