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Don Bradman Cricket 17
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Developer(s) Big Ant Studios
Publisher(s) Tru Blu Entertainment
Series Don Bradman Cricket
Release Date(s) 16 December 2016
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player, Cooperative, Multiplayer
Platform(s) Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Predecessor Don Bradman Cricket 14

Don Bradman Cricket 17 (DBC 17) is a cricket video game developed by Big Ant Studios. It is the sequel to Don

Bradman Cricket 14 and was released on 16 December 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on 16 January for Microsoft Windows. It was officially announced on 28 May 2016, by Big Ant Studios. A demo was made available on Steam for preview and fan feedback. The game only supports Gamepad for playing. Big Ant Studios have also taken voice commentary samples from the fans to add diversity to the game and supports unofficial keyboard and mouse access tools to play.

On 19 August 2016 Big Ant Studios CEO Ross Symons announced some new features in Don Bradman Cricket 17.

Don Bradman Cricket 17’s enriched career mode will allow players to begin their cricket careers at the local level, playing for teams in their chosen region before earning selection for domestic and international duty. Teams will also be dynamic throughout player's career saves rather than locked to a single line-up for the duration; other players will shift about as they retire, suffer injuries, slump in form, or get selected for higher levels of cricket. A new “Be a Pro” option will bring with it the ability to play through career mode as an existing player, and also have the option to play through career mode controlling the whole team.

Don Bradman Cricket 17 will also contain many new creation tools. In addition to the expanded character creation system, the game will also boast a logo editor (which will allow players to recreate their own team logos and sponsorships on their uniforms and bats) and a “full and comprehensive stadium creator mode that will allow players to recreate their own local cricket ground in-game. It has new batting shots like helicopter shots, charge sixes etc. It also adds new visual and new special effects. However it is unlicensed and will not contain real players

A review for Don Bradman Cricket 17 by Press Start Australia claimed that "it is the best cricket experience yet".


On the review aggregator Metacritic, the Xbox One version of Don Bradman Cricket 17 received a score of 83 out of 100, based on 4 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[5] But on steam page of Don Bradman cricket 17, most reviews stated that the old version Don Bradman Cricket 14 had better features like graphics, animations and specific gameplay parts like bounce of the ball, snicks, camera angle than this sequel. some reviews even stated that it would be better off to purchase the old version and many of them said that they are waiting for the next patch.