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EA Digital Illusions CE
TypeSubsidiary of Electronic Arts
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweeden
IndustryVideo Game Industry
ProductsBattlefield Series

Mirrors Edge

Frostbite Engine

EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (EA DICE or DICE) is a sweedish video game developer that are owned by Electronic ArtsDICE is best known for games like Battlefield and Mirrors Edge.

More Information

DICE was founded in May 1992. After the release of Battlefield 1942DICE was jump started and became very popular, by November 2005 the total value of DICE was estimated at US$55 million.

Electronic Arts

In November 2004, Electronic Arts annouced their intent to purchase outstanding shares in DICE. By 31st March 2005, Electronic Arts owned 62% of DICE and on 2nd October 2006, Electronic Arts purchased more shares at an estimated 27 million US dollars. After this, DICE was renamed to EA DICE.

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