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The new Enforcement United program allows members to get involved and ensure that Xbox LIVE is safe and fun. Members who join the program will provide their opinions on a gamertag to wheter or not it violates the Code of Conduct.

The data provide is then fedback to the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team (XBLPET) to help them crowdsource information on potential gamertag violations.

The System

Enforcement United incorporates information from multiple participants into an algorithm, this then takes factors into account, such as: How many people decided that the gamertag violates the Code of Conduct and How reliable those people where, based on their previous decisions. The system will then determine how to escalate the issue.

The system will either:

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 15.05.45

Screenshot of the system, users will select a button depending on what they believe.

  • Order the gamertag to be changed.
  • Send the report to the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team.
  • Close the issue, because there was no violation.

Further Information

The Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team believe that this program works because the system can determine wheter the users are trustworthy members and their previous report have been accurate. 

The program is currently in BETA and is only available to Xbox Community Ambassadors , XBLPET have not yet said when it will be available to all.

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