Gamer Zones are titles that Xbox Live members give to themselves to show the community what kind of gamer they are. Gamer Zones are avaliable on Xbox Live on Xbox 360 and it is unknown to wheter or not the Xbox One will have this feauture. Players can chose from four titles including; Recreation, Pro, Family and Underground.

It has been said that Gamer Zones affect your matchmaking and will pair you with players that have the same or similar zone, however this has not been confirmed.

The Gamer Zones (UPDATING)


This zone is designed for gamers that just want to have fun. You may be a recreation gamer if:

  • You only have one Xbox 360™, and it stays in the living room. For the most part.
  • You like to meet new people and talk about the latest movies, music, and (of course) video games.
  • You only venture into ranked games by accident.
  • You treat every day like Casual Friday.
  • You think keeping score is only fun when you're winning.
  • You are physically capable of leaving mid-game if you need A) food, B) a restroom, or C) to go to work.


The Pro gamer is the truely hardcore gamer, who is there to win. You may pro gamer if:

  • You automatically mute the "human beat box" gamers and you automatically boot the "trash-talking chucklehead" gamers.
  • You've actually won real prize money in videogame competitions.
  • You never play anything but ranked games, and your rank has never gone anywhere but up.
  • You check leaderboards for games that aren't even playable online.
  • You own griefer insurance. Which, if you don't have it, is quite a deal and I would be happy to assist you if it existed.


The family zone is one for those 'kids of all ages' hang out. You may be a family gamer if:

  • You require a parent and/or guardian to set up your Xbox LIVE account.
  • You're playing a game with your Mom/Grandma/rich Aunt and want to maintain a wholesome atmosphere.
  • Covenant Brutes give you nightmares, literally.
  • You have kids, are a kid, or never stopped being a kid.
  • You knitted four matching wireless controller cozies, one for each member of your household. With love, of course.


The underground is where anything goes. You may be a undeground gamer if:

  • You are the "human beat box" or "trash-talking chucklehead" (and proud of it).
  • You rock with extreme vengeance and other totally intense buzzwords.
  • People shout "griefer!" and you say "Yeah, whaddaya want?"
  • You take out whole teams online. Including your team.
  • You'd rather get revenge than win.

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