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Halo is the name given to an unlikely film based on the popular best-selling franchise of the same name.


In 2005, a script for a film adaptation of Halo was written by Alex Garland[1]—which D. B. Weiss and Josh Olson rewrote during 2006[2][3]—for a 2008 release. The movie was to be developed and released by 20th Century Fox, under the creative oversight of Microsoft.[4] Peter Jackson was slated to be the executive producer,[5] with Neill Blomkamp as director. Before Blomkamp signed on, Guillermo del Toro was in negotiations to direct.[6] The crew has stopped and resumed preproduction of the film several times;[7] Blomkamp declared the project dead in late 2007,[8] but Jackson stated the film will still be made.[9] Blomkamp commented the Master Chief worked from a video gamer's perspective, but dramatically does not hold much weight because of his faceless nature. The character as depicted in the film would have been "the most important supporting cast member". Instead, "other characters around him [...] did most of the emotional heavy lifting", with their story exploring their perception of the Master Chief.[10] After Jackson's project stalled, Stuart Beattie wrote a film adaptation of The Fall of Reach, complete with concept art.[11]


The film's status is currently in development hell, and is unlikely to see the light of day. It is majorly possible that the film may remain "stone-dead" forever, as it was being produced by two companies that don't get along very well, Universal and Fox Studios.


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