Master Chief (Machinima)
Master Chief machinima

Master Chief playing on the Xbox 360.
Film series Arby 'n The Chief (machinima)
First film Arby 'n The Chief: Season 1, Episode 1
Voiced by Microsoft Sam

Master Chief (or Chief), is one of the main recurring characters in Arby 'n The Chief as the friend of Arbiter, who tends to behave like a swearing 8-year-old with grammar problems.


Chief is basically addicted to the Xbox 360 console, and likes to play Halo 3 everyday. He also behaves like a drunk partygoer at times, also childish. He gets most of the things he says wrong (which shows in the RE5 episode, Chief says to Arby "GO BACK 2 FRANSE, HITLER!") Some think that Chief is retarded, others think he is just an idiot who wants to have fun.


Arby 'n The Chief

Chief appears in Arby 'n The Chief as one of the two recurring characters who can't stop thinking about the Xbox 360, and plays it everyday. Like Arbiter, he is also enemies with Scott by Endgame (the final season).

Arby 'n The Chief in LA

Chief reappears in Arby 'n The Chief as a recurring character, and is still addicted to the Xbox 360. But in episode 2, he doesn't play the Xbox 360.

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