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Xbox Game Store

The Xbox Games Store (formerly Xbox LIVE Marketplace)  is a virtual market that is designed for users of a Xbox 360 or Xbox One. It allows Xbox LIVE users to download arcade games, games on demand, gamer pictures, dashboard themes and other downloadable content. The Games Store no longer sells music of videos. This has been replaced by Xbox Video and Xbox Music (see below).

Xbox Video


Xbox Video on 360

Xbox Video is the marketplace for video content, such as trailers, sneak peaks and movies. Xbox Video is avaliable on all Xbox 360 consoles. Xbox Video is not a subscription service however. To purchase or rent a movie you will have to pay a one-time fee. Xbox Video was known as Zune.

Xbox Music

Xbox Music is a similar to the Xbox Video service however, Xbox Music is a subscription service in which you can listen to popular new music and download them to your console. Many songs can be downloaded without a subscription but they will cost the user credit. Xbox Music was also known as Zune.

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