Xbox SmartGlass (Now known as the "Xbox app") is a companion application thats is avaliable on iOS devices, Android devices, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Phone/Tablets. SmartGlass was released on 26th October 2012.


  • Remote Control, you can pause, rewind and stop movies and videos straight from your device.
  • Internet Explorer, you can control IE from the SmartGlass application on any device.
  • Communicate, you can use your device to send messages, change your bio, location and name. You can also view friends profiles, add people as friends, see whos online, and set beacons.
  • Dress Up, with your device you can customise your avatar completly.
  • More, you can view achievements, compare games, and remotely start a game.
  • Next Gen, the application can be used as a second screen to enhance gameplay.

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